Certificate in Financial Accounting(CFA)

Module 1) Fundamental of computer-

Introduction of computer, Number system,History of computer,Components of computer, Scope of computer, unitof memory, storage device. RAM,ROM,MOUSE,KEYBOARD,MONITOR & PRINTER

Module 2) Ms windows-

Xp, 7, Vista & 8, 10 operating system

  • Concept of Windows- Managing files &folder in computer basic operation of file( Cut/copy/paste/delete/Rename the file)
  • Ms Paint - Create painting image, tool box, color box, Menu concept, create desktop background.
  • Notepad - Introduction , file editing, save, open save as, print, undo, find, select, replace, time/date concept.

Module 3) Ms office:-

  • Ms Excel - Introduction, Access ribbon, conditional form atting, Number Group, Working with formula, Cell reference, Salary sheet, Matric/ Inter result sheet, Shop bill, TA/DA/HRA /PF includi.Goal seek, filter, Advance filter, Top ten, Custom, Macro,split command, Freeze panes.

Module 4)CFA (Certificate of Financial Accounting)

  • Basic of Accountancy- Introduction, definition & rules of accounting, accounting technique, How to create Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Trading, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance sheet in Manual method.

  • Business Organizations- Definition of business, what do mean by Inventory, Types of business organization, Concepts of Service, Trading & manufacturing organization.

Practical on Tally-
  • a) Cocepts on 7.2, 9.0 & ERP-9
  • b) Company Creation c) Alter, Backup & Restore
  • d) Intro of Ledger
  • e) Liabilities Ledger
  • f) Sales Ledger
  • g) Purchase Ledger
  • h) Direct and Indirect Ledger
  • i) Ledger Creation
  • j) Account info
  • k) Inventory info
  • l) Unit of Measure
  • m) Stock group
  • n) stock item
  • o) Voucher Entries
  • p) Contra, Payment, Receipt, Journal, Sales & Purchase Voucher
  • q) Concepts of Voucher
  • r) Practical with Service and Trading organizations
Advance Configurations of Tally-
  • a) VAT( Value added Tax)
  • b) CST ( Central Sale Tax)
  • c) ST ( Service tax)
  • d) GST Fundamental
  • e) SGST & CGST Integration
  • f) IGST Integration